Food flavors
The taste of a product should be so absolutely right that it is taken for granted - after all, how else could it possibly taste? Ranging from the fresh minty flavor of toothpaste to the sweetness of chocolate desserts, everyone is an expert on what they like. The challenge for the creators of these products is to understand the psychology of food and taste, and to match customers' expectations to the finished product.

Balirom's flavors enhance and improve a wide range of products in diverse industries.

All Balirom's flavors are kosher.


Fragrance is a vital element of the complete sensory experience, evoking memories and past experiences to generate a completely satisfying product for each consumer.

Balirom creates flower, fruit, and fantasy scents as needed, for personal and domestic hygiene products including liquid soap, air fresheners, and ambient fragrances for stores and large halls.