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Food flavors


The smell and taste of home baking are two of the most common sensory experiences in the world, evoking memories of past meals and magical moments with family and friends.

Balirom supplies a wide variety of top bakeries with quality flavors, and has the experience to match customers with the best flavors for their production, and so, to help them preserve natural tastes throughout the baking process.

Whether you produce cakes, cookies, croissants, or any kind of pastry products, Balirom offers a large catalogue of flavors, specially designed for these uses and in accordance with customer requirements.



Among our flavors for the Baking Industry you can find:



Almonds   Hazelnut
Butter  Honey
Cinnamon  Lemon
Cream  Milk
Coconut  Nougat
Chocolate  Rum
Cappuccino  Toffee
Coffee  Vanilla
Caramel  Waffle